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    Cable support system and profile steel support system provider, focusing on serving high-end customers in offshore oil and gas development, mining, natural gas liquefaction and other industries, providing integrated bridge design and manufacturing services.
Company Profile

Company Profile

The company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Shanghai. The factory is located in Yangzhong, the hometown...
Company Profile

HDmann Introduction

The mission of an industry, inheritance of a craftsman spirit, The China manufacturing provides integrated electromechanical support system solutions for global partners with quality and persistence.


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Our Recent Projects

HDmann Industries provides support solutions for all walks of life around the world. Our products are usually used in all kinds of small and large projects.

Siemens Project

Siemens equipment installation mainly chooses our wire mesh cable tray...

  1. Project : Siemens Project
  2. Field : Electrical Field
  3. Year : Oct. 2020
  4. Country : Germany
  5. Owner : Siemens
Siemens Project

Energy Storage Container

Container battery storage solutions can ensure maximum system effectiveness...

  1. Project : Energy Storage Container
  2. Field : Electrical Industry
  3. Year : Jun.2020
  4. Country : China
  5. Owner : CIMC
Energy Storage Container

Raised Floor Project

The project includes the construction of 3 LNG production lines, each with...

  1. Project : Raised Floor Project
  2. Field : Offshore
  3. Year : Jul.2021
  4. Country : Russia
  5. Owner : NOVATEK
Raised Floor Project

Singapore Tunnel Project

The construction of transmission cable tunnels is a long-term solution for...

  1. Project : Singapore Tunnel Project
  2. Field : Integrated tunnel
  3. Year : Mar.2015
  4. Country : Singapore
  5. Owner : SP POWERASSETS(Singapore)
Singapore Tunnel Project

Cable Management System

  Cable Tray System

  Cable Ladder System

  Support Profile & Bracket

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What Peolpe Are Saying

Our partners come from all walks of life around the world, including shipbuilding, mining, petroleum, and electrical. Our integrity and professionalism have won the long-term support of our customers.
With HDmann's 3D library of cable management system, I can easily complete the design in the planning stage, and when encountering problems, they can respond quickly, and it is a pleasure to work with them.
Mr. Shen
I have visited HDmann's production base. The production base covers a large area and has a high degree of automation. After several cooperation, I have a good service experience. The delivery is timely and the packaging is strong.
Mrs. Sherrie Thomas
Purchasing Manager
As a local product distributor in Canada, I have been cooperating with HDmann for 5 years. Their products of cable management system are of reliable quality, and I visited them many times in China. Their company is very strong, and I hope we can continue keep happy cooperation in the future.
Mr. Johnnie Fahey
General manager